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  • How long does it take to ship a painting?
    Orders can usually be shipped in 48 hours. When you receive it depends upon the shipping method you choose. In all cases, the painting will be securely wrapped and stamped with FRAGILE in many places.
  • How much does a commission cost if I just want a similar style but with different colors?
    If you want a commission based on a piece in our current SHOP page, we can often do a artwork for the same price as the original. If you need something completely different, we're happy to talk about your needs and budget.
  • Do you do framing?
    I offer a simple white frame only, which looks handsome on most pieces, for an additional charge.
  • Do you do commercial commissions (such as one or more for my business)?
    Absolutely. Call or write and we'll discuss the possibilities.
  • Do you do any exhibits or shows?
    Sadly, with Covid right now, I am not doing any live exhibits. But check back here when we get the "all clear."
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