Print for SolarWise Solar Panels to build brand awareness and generate inquries.

Placement: Sunday newspaper "Living" sections.

I've worked across all media and dozens of industries, beating industry averages for results, time after time. See a few samples below.


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Posters for MegaBus to build brand awareness

and generate sales. 

Placement: T Station posters

Banner ads for TaxAct.com to drive inclusion in

consideration set. 

Placement: Paid search, AOL, Comcast, Yahoo, etc.

Print for New England Ropes to introduce a new dock line. 

Placement: Small space in sailing magazines.

Print for TruValue Hardware to build traffic. 

Placement: Small space in Globe Northwest section.

Print for Elscint Medical Imaging to announce new CT scanner. 

Placement: Two-page spread in clinical magazines.

Brochure cover and inside spread for North Shore InnoVentures

to generate investor involvement.

The brochure is used by the organization's board and directors in face-to-face meetings with prospective donors.

Direct mail recruitment piece to high achieving freshman applicants to Boston University School of Management.

It's a six-page foldout brochure.

Boston University School of Management has

numerous departments and programs which need posters, ads, webpages, and brochures. We produced more than 50 pieces

per year. The example left was a recruitment piece for the  Master of Science in Investment Management. 

Cover and inside spread, again for Boston University School of Management. The Career Center wanted a handbook to help recruiters maximize their time talking to MBA and undergrad students. We produced this very hands-on 20-page piece.

John DiCocco and his staff and partners wrote, designed, and published more than 35 issues of the Boston University School of Management alumni magazine, Builders & Leaders. The semi-annual magazine featured articles, interviews, profiles, and news about faculty research, the School, the University, and alumni achievements.


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