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John DiCocco & Free Range Art.

I love working with bright primary colors (sometimes metallic), and discovering what happens when they overlay each other. All the work here is acrylic on high quality canvas or acrylic paint on handmade paper.


I admire artists who can render a face, a hand, an apple perfectly. I can't. My strength is in using traditional and nontraditional tools (pasta cutter, dowels, woodblocks) to mix and match hues, densities, and patterns in subtle--or dramatic--fashion.

If you see something you like, but wish it were a different size or colors, get in touch here for COMMISSIONS. We'll make it work. Most commissions of a single work can be completed in 2-3 weeks.

My background includes a long career in advertising and design, an undergrad degree in psychology, a master's in communications, and two years study at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. I've carried several of these styles around in my head for a long time. Finally, I'm putting them on canvas.

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