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About You

You want your marketing to be distinctive, because "fitting in" just doesn't cut it.


You believe in truth in advertising.


You understand that winning products and services achieve success through the power of design.


You require four things from your marketing partner: honesty, brilliance, fair value, and a sense of humor.


You will never be an "account" to us. You are a client, a customer, a person for whom we are providing a vital service.




About Me

I've been a marketing writer and creative director for many years. 

I have the best job in the world. I approach every project with a fresh mind. I've won awards for print, TV, collateral, and PR. More importantly, my work has consistently helped clients beat industry averages for percentage of inquiries, sales, and return on investment.


I begin every project with this premise: 

The shy shall not inherit the Earth. Or any sales, for that matter. Either you market with gusto, or you're wasting your money.


I address your customers as if they

have functioning brains. My focus is driving them to action.


I provide creativity, energy, and a great working relationship. I always deliver on time and on budget. I no longer deliver laundry.

Who is "&CO?"

"&CO" is shorthand for any creative 

specialist I might bring in to help on your project. It could be a designer, a printer, a programmer, an illustrator, or a videographer. Maybe a monkey trainer.


As an independent consultant, I can choose the pro(s) we need to help meet your specific challenge. I know lots of great folks whose value exceeds their fee. (Since I have no overhead, you pay only for the creative product, not my avant garde furniture and swanky silk pajamas).


Also, every professional working on your project comes with a certificate of cleanliness from his or her Mom. So you have that going for you.





Our beloved mascot and trombonist, Antoine.

One example of my advertising work.

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